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Why choose aerial advertising?

Why choose aerial advertising?

  • Aerial advertising is the ideal means for places where big crowds gather at a specific time or event (beaches, concerts, football stadiums, motorbike or car tracks, bullfighting stadiums, etc). As people are leisuring, when they hear an airplane they immediately look up and watch it pass with the banner attached to it.

  • Aerial advertising is so successful nowadays because the public is exposed to constant advertising material on the streets, papers, radio and TV. But our advertising is carried out during leisure time: holidays or relaxing times, when our prospective customers take the time to carefully and calmly read the message on the banner.

  • • Market research* has shown that after half an hour of having seen an aerial banner, 88% of the people still remembered it; it was also observed that 79% of them knew exactly what product or service was being advertised; incredibly, 67% of the survey respondents remembered at least half of the advertising slogan they had seen. (*Source: Aerial Sign www.aerialsign.com).

  • • Another market study carried out in the state of Maine (USA) involved several advertising media to promote a lottery. A survey was carried out, in which 70% of respondents claimed to know about the lottery because of the different ads seen in various media. Said study proved that in terms of the cost per view in this campaign, results were 8 times better for Aerial Advertising when compared to newspapers and 10 times better than television ads.