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  • Who designs the banners?

    Designs may be submitted directly by the client or advertising agency; if the client does not know how to design it, at ESTOP we have a specialized design department to design your banner AT NO COST, trying all possible combinations in order to achieve maximum visual impact.

  • Who makes the banners?

    Estop produces and paints the banners with selected materials to ensure maximum durability. Painting options include plotter or brush.

  • What is the banner’s size?

    Banner size is 4 meters high by 12 meters long, attaching an additional 3-meter tail (unpainted), whose purpose is to keep the last part of the banner steady. These 3 meters absorb the vibrations occurring in the banner, resulting in the prevention of wear and tear; as it is not painted and unaffected by wear and tear, the banner is always viewed in perfect condition; the fact that it is not painted considerably extends the banner’s duration, as you only need to replace the tail approximately every 50 hours of flight.

    The price for the fabric, production, design and paint will range from 750.-€ to 1100.-€, depending on design complexity, colors, etc.

  • What happens to the banner once the campaign is over?

    After the campaign finishes, the banner will be handed over to the client, but they can also decide to let ESTOP S.A. keep it for upcoming campaigns.

  • How long does a banner last?

    Your banner is guaranteed for one season (50 flight hours); in case of breakage, tear, loss, etc. we ensure its replacement at no cost for the client.

  • How much does a banner cost?

    The banner’s price will depend on its complexity; plotter-painted banners are the most costly.


  • Can we throw objects or advertise through loud-speakers?

    Coastal Law 22/198, of July 28th, strictly forbids the throwing of advertising objects over maritime terrestrial public domain (beaches, riverbanks, inner waters etc.). All advertising performed via public address systems is likewise forbidden (sect. 38 of Law and sect.81 of its implementing regulations).

  • How high do the planes fly?

    Legal regulations bind us to fly at a minimum height of 500 feet (160 meters) over sea level.

  • What permits are required for aerial advertising?

    Current regulations mandate to have a Civil Aviation permit, as well as authorization from each Civil Government of each province where we intend to fly.

  • What routes can we take?

    Routes are selected by the client; however, based on our experience, we can advise the client as to which are the most populated areas in order to obtain a higher number of viewers in the less time possible.

  • At what time can we fly?

    Between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. during summer. However, it is always possible to fly within the opening hours of the airport where we operate.


  • Is it possible to fly in many places at the same time?

    Through its own means, ESTOP covers the regions of: Balearic Islands, Castellón and Valencia. Also, Estop has signed agreements with other companies in the field which are associated with AECTA (Spanish Association of Aerial Work Companies) through which we are able to cover the entire national territory. There are no companies in Spain that are capable of simultaneously covering the entire country by their own means.

  • How can I know where my banner has passed?

    All ESTOP airships have a GPS tracking system, so the client can be informed at any time about the overflown areas, the overall time of flight and at which time we have flown over a specific spot; if required by the client, we can submit a daily report detailing overflown areas.

  • What happens when bad weather makes it impossible to fly?

    If, due to bad weather conditions or any problems in the plane, the flights agreed by contract cannot be carried out, these hours will be recovered in subsequent days, as agreed between the client and ESTOP.

  • How much time in advance should I hire an aerial advertising campaign?

    The sooner the better. This is essential, because by hiring in advance you can book the best times to suit each particular need. Campaigns must be hired at least 1 week in advance, as we need to produce and paint the 12 x 4-meter banner.

  • Do you have a customer support service?

    We have a customer support line available 7 days a week to help you with anything you may need.