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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is a technology that uses the energy stored in the subsoil as a sink or gathering of energy. This achieves a greater performance than that of other energy efficiency systems since it uses the temperature stability offered by the interior of the earth.

The new geothermal facility can be connected in parallel with a conventional already existing facility in the building providing cold, heat or both.

Where can it be installed?

The water-water cooler plants have reduced dimensions and can be installed inside a closed facility so that they do not cause noise problems.

We design geothermal facilities in hotels, buildings and sports facilities, as well as in single-family homes.

How is geothermal energy installed?

Geothermal energy is extracted from the subsoil through the ground (closed geothermal energy) or from the water (open geothermal energy). Depending on the location of the housing, building or complex and its energy needs, one or other technique will be chosen.

The installation includes a bi-energy water storage tank that supplies hot water to radiators or underfloor heating and it heats the running water.

  • It uses equipment without outdoor units.
  • It is a quiet system of small dimensions.
  • It does not produce CO2 emissions or fuel storage.

A high energy efficiency is achieved due to its energy exchange system.

A geothermal installation contributes to a better ISO 14001-type rating of the building.

Geothermal energy covers all the energy needs of a housing, building or complex and requires low maintenance. This technology allows large savings in energy costs.

We take care of everything

We carry out a free feasibility report with no obligation from the client. This study will assess the costs of the installation and show the real savings in electricity and fuel that the application of geothermal energy will provide.

In addition, we take care of processing all the necessary permits and help you with the project financing.

We help you with installation costs

As it is an environmentally friendly energy system, geothermal energy facilities can benefit from calls for aid from institutions. We also take care of processing your application for these aids.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of financing the investment to be made through the energy savings you will obtain.