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3D perspectives

Would you like to see your project before it's built? Do you need to show, explain and sell it to someone? Would you like to experience different solutions, check the visual impact on the surroundings or show physically inaccessible details?

Until only recently, when you needed images of a building at the project phase you had to rely on artistic impressions or cardboard models to get an idea of how it would look.

At ESTOP we design hot 3D PERSPECTIVES with a realistic look of the development's houses or businesses that is impossible to achieve with other methods. The most attractive angles and views stand out, meaning these images are essential for presentation and sales of projects. Your virtual images can travel, communicate and convince in the form of leaflets, videos, interactive CD-ROMs and internet.

We also provide a clear and commercial vision of the future property by carefully selecting all details, introducing real materials in agreement with the development's quality report, making the volume and spaces stand out, studying light and colours, furnishing the property and even 'populating' it with people. We reconstruct the surroundings introducing: street furniture, green and recreational areas, pavements, vehicles… a virtual space that will show your clients how their future home or business will be.

In turn, by being able to carry out all kinds of modifications to a project (materials, colours, structures, gardens, terraces, furniture, etc.), you may be able to reduce interpretative error costs when actually doing the project - since changes here would be much more expensive.

To carry out these jobs we only need to have the floor and façade files in AUTOCAD format as well as a quality report relating to construction materials and colours to be used on the build.

The services we offer are:

  • 3D Perspectives (exteriors and interiors)
  • Panoramic views (360º virtual reality)
  • Sunlight and shade studies
  • Alternative material and light studies
  • Terrestrial photomontages (adapting the 3D project in a real photographic view)
  • Aerial Photomontages (adaptation with an aerial photograph)
  • Obtaining high resolution images for large formats (advertising hoardings, etc.)
  • Interior and exterior infographics for promotional videos

VRML, to be able to move in a 3D space wherever one wants


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