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Sunlight studies

Do you need to know the sunlight for your project at any time of the year? At ESTOP we can help you make the most of this information to:

1) Make a planning of crops and forest mass

2) Design and locate pools, both outdoors and heated indoors

3) Design and locate sports tracks, both outdoors and indoors

4) Support the calculation of solar thermal facilities

5) Achieve energy efficiency of buildings

6) In urban planning

In urban environments, it is very useful to analyse the results that a study of sunlight offers us prior to the urban development of certain sector, area or population. It allows us to design the configuration and typology of the urban framework so that buildings to be built in the future have better conditions regarding access to the sun or better solar protection as required.

If we have the possibility to choose the location of the new settlement or the expansion of the existing one, it is of utmost importance to carry out the sunlight study with sufficient advance so that it determines the decisions to select the final location. In the study we will be able to search for favourable topographic and astronomical locations by avoiding or searching (as the case may require) the shadows of the terrain orography (mountains, hills, plains, etc.).