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  • New aerial photos
    April 2016 all Balearic Island
  • Fotografía aérea vertical
    Miles de fotografías con la historia de Baleares

Aerial Vertical Photography

ESTOP Vertical Aerial Photography has the best team and technical equipment to carry out photogrammetric flights - from setting up flight preparation to the processes involved in image capture from the plane. To do this, different software is used in flight planning and GPS navigation, the LH System programme standing out (Ascot 4.2.2, a programme that aids the planning process and flight roll-out) as well as CCNS4 from IGI.


As for the techniques used for photographs, we have two airplanes based at Cuatro Vientos airport - a CESSNA 402 C model (an aircraft with 650 C, 325 Km/h speed and 4 hour 30 minute autonomy; it is ideal for scale flights between 1:3.500 and 1:8.000 with a photogram production at 1:500 and 1:2000) and a GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE Commander 690 model (an aircraft with 1400 C, 500 km/h speed and 6 hour 30 minute autonomy; it is ideal for scale flights between 1:20.000 and 1:40.000 with a photogram production between 1:5000 and 1:25000). Both aircraft are fitted with the latest technology photogrammetric cameras (the LEICA RC 30, WILD RC 10 and the ZEISS RMK-A) which have different navigation and rectification tools allowing for a completely reliable result in terms of image precision and definition.

Since August 2004 we have installed the FIRST LARGE FORMAT DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC CAMERA, the VEXCEL ULTRA CAM -D in one of our aircraft, the only one in Spain. This camera produces images sized at 11500 x 7500 pixels across the band, equivalent to a 20 micron scanner. This camera's images have more information that 23 x 23 cm negatives as well as less noise and better contrast.

As for ESTOP's archive, we can say that thanks to the regular flights that have been made from 1955 the Balearics region has been the most photographed by a private company. Proof of this is our archive containing over 55,000 negatives from 10 complete flights (millimetre by millimetre) over the whole of the Balearics in 1955, 1968, 1973, 1979, 1981, 1984, 1990, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003 and other local and regional flights.

  • The use of vertical photographs could be extensive, including:
    • For monitoring and legislating old works ( as per the Urban Discipline Law [Law 10/1990] dated 23/10/90, in article 73 specifying " 1 The urban infractions made up of building work without a licence or continuation order or without meeting conditions laid down in this law but having been finalised completely for eight years. A work will be understood to be totally finished when irrefutable accreditation is provided by any testing measure) with the production of a photograph showing an 'illegal' build having been finalised over eight years ago, on the condition that this construction is not subject to an open urban disciplinary order - the photograph demonstrating said illegality.
    • Town planning
    • The decoration of promoter, constructor, architect, engineer and estate agents' offices.
    • Determining public works layout.
    • Farming or forestry studies.
    • Hydrogeological and archaeological studies.
    • Evolving Studies for yearly comparison.

Photographic mosaics of a whole municipal area (photocompositions).

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