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ESTOP S.A. carries out Hydrological Studies for geoelectrical prospecting to determine subsoil aquiferous properties, especially in order to discover subsurface stratigraphic profiles, defining clay layers, gravel and sand mantles, the position of the phreatic level and the base.

We carry out the following Hydrogeological studies:

  • Hydrogeological Search for hydrogeological mapping (digital map 1/5000 with aerial photos), Inventory of water points (samples), Surface Hydrology (hydroclimatic balances), Hydrothermalism (appraisal of wells and springs), etc.
  • Hydraulics of the intakes for the Intake Structure report and other discharge, addition or non points of the 'Quaternary'.
  • Hydrochemical Breakdown for first analyses, hydrochemical context, microbiology, hydrogeochemistry and medical hydrology.

Legal aspects for mine delegation consultation, applications, etc.